I teach a counter-intuitive strategy to weight loss, dieting, and lifestyle transformation that’s all about mindset, habits and skill development.

It’s self-development meets diet and wellness.

I’m a coach, an educator and I hope to be your guide.


Exceptionally good at high performance coaching, as it pertains to diet and lifestlye. I work with executives, entrepreneurs, therapists, doctors, pilots, writers, professors, full-time mommas, and anyone who dares to be awesome.

A teacher and guide whose mission is to help you learn the process of mastering your diet by building a lifestyle that supports your goals.

Consistent. I show up every day to do the work. I demand the same of my clients because  they come to me with a destination they want to get to, but where they’ve never been. Consistency is the only metric I value. Show up every day, no matter what, no matter how you feel, do the work, and you will be successful. Period.

Deep. The process of mastering a skill, diet, mindset, or lifestyle requires relentless effort, deep focus, and enthusiastic concentration. You must go deep to get something out of it. Otherwise, you’re not doing enough. I demand a lot from my clients. I go deep to meet them where they need to go.

Driven. I will not stop until I make an impact on a million lives. And when I do, I will not stop.  

-The CEO of EvolutionEat, and a partner and cofounder of Rich20Something, an education platform for millennials and entrepreneurs. 

-A world class copywriter and funnel hacker, trained by the best in the biz (thank you Daniel DiPiazza & John Romaniello). For consultation and advising on your branding, website and funnel, please contact me here.    

-A business coach and advisor. If you want to quit the 9-5 and build your own business, start a coaching business and/or create more higher-paying clients in your coaching practice, please contact me here.


-A New Yorker displaced in Santa Monica, Los Angeles and loving it. (Ask me about my crazy morning routine in which I run down to the beach and jump in the nightdark water at 5am.)

-A straight, single bachelor who is unapologetically metrosexual and unquestionably not ready for a serious relationship.

-A die-hard Mets fan who bleeds orange and blue. I aim to own a % of the franchise by retirement. Ya gotta believe!   

-A dual citizen. Thanks for being British, dad, and all Hail the Queen. 

-An only child for 25 years until my father remarried, had a second son, and made me a big brother. <3 you James.

-A practicing stoic with a defined sense of duty and purpose to serve.

-An articulate intuitive: I know that what you don’t say often determines your behavior more than what you do say.  

-An emotional empathic: I can intuit most things you’re feeling, sometimes with an extreme level of sensitivity, and pick up on subtextual clues through almost any medium of communication, verbal or nonverbal.  

-A normal guy and only child who grew up looking to food for entertainment. I was prone to overeating all throughout my life until I finally figured it out, which is why I’m here to help.  

-A former fat kid who grew up wearing husky, was rewarded with food by an Italian mother who loves her only boy to death, and over-indulged to the point of embarrassment.

-An extreme personality, who is prone to obsessive compulsiveness and is easily addicted. I’ve overcome many addictions and am happy to share how.

-A recovering academic who went to the best private high school in New York City, Georgetown University for undergrad, and who was one step away from walking into Law School. Burnout characterized my teens and early twenties and, truthfully, I remember very little of that time besides extreme depression.

-A former musician (guitar), writer (novel) and actor (stage), who has recorded albums, opened for commercially successful bands you’ve definitely heard of, written a novel, acted on stage in front of a live New York City audience multiple times, produced and starred in a short film, been cast in commercials, appeared on a billboard, and starred in a few crappy TV shows.

-A literary buff: talk to me about Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Dostoevesky, Joyce, Kundera, Marquez, Salter, Cormac McCarthy or Ben Lerner and I’ll likely marry you, or at least ask for your number.


Failed at several businesses. (Some were spectacular failures where I lost my entire life savings.)

-Turned EvolutionEat from an individual coaching practice to a worldwide movement.

Created the extremely powerful EvolutionEat: The Course because I’m interested in helping as many people solve this whole “diet thing” once and for all. My goal is to teach you how to take back control of food’s power over you.

-Helped actualize the dreams of hundreds of high-performance individualsbe they diet, weight loss, lifestyle, or business-related. (When someone wants a systemized approach to dream-building, they come to me.)

-Coached my clients to lose a collective 2000 poundsSign up for my online coaching program, Evolution Coaching, by clicking here. For my more intensive Mastery Coaching, please fill out an application by clicking here.

-Changed industries four times, jumping from professional academia, to publishing, to acting, to building businesses I care about and creating movements I stand behind. (If you’re feeling lost or don’t know what to do next, treat your life as an experiment and you can never “fail.” It’s all feedback.)

-Committed myself to the pursuit of IMPACT.   


*PLEASE READ: It’s critically important to note here that I am not a doctor, medical professional, registered dietitian or trained clinician of any kind, and I do not pretend to play one on the internet. I am not here to solve clinical problems, nor do I make any claims of being able to do so. My opinions and suggestions are merely ideas to consider. My services and programs are in no way substitutions for medical treatment or therapy; they’re vehicles for education. It goes without saying, but if you have a serious condition, such as an eating disorder, and are considering working with me and/or purchasing a program, you should seek outside medical support to get the proper attention you need. Please read this Disclaimer. If you’re struggling with a disorder beyond the scope of coaching, I’ve put together a list of resources and websites to help.


-Grassfed beef and organs

-Necks, bones, backs, tails…anything with a crunch, anything you’d be embarrassed to watch in public

-Line caught fish from the sea, sardines, and crunchy sea creatures

-Organic greens & all kinds of colorful produce from local farmers, including some berries and apples. I also eat lemons whole like oranges

-Plenty of fats from eggs, straight MCT, butter, avocado, coconut & almonds

-Occasional sweet potato, rice (only with raw fish), and butternut squash  

-Natural probiotics such as kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, greek yogurt and kefir  

-Occasional dairy such as aged cheeses and heavy cream (…and icecream when I cheat) 

-Occasional red wine (Cab, Malbec), scotch (single malt), and tequila (if I see you at a bar, I take a tequila and soda with lime)  

-Macros: 50% Fat, 30% protein, 20% carb. Simple.

-My species is generally regarded as the most healthy and fit on the planet, maintains optimal body mass with ease and has achieved balance of heart, soul, body and mind. Join me!


One of my favorite parts of what I do is sharing my knowledge with audiences in various venues, from conferences to universities, to corporate retreats and summits…

To train new eating habits and lose weight the right way, I encourage you to check out my online course, EvolutionEat, or sign up for my online coaching program Evolution Coaching.

For more intensive one-on-one coaching, please read through my Mastery Coaching requirements and fill out an application. Typically, I will be in touch within 72 hours about my availability and next steps.