From Diet to Lifestyle: 15 Self-Improvement Podcasts That Will Help You Lose Weight And Actually Keep It Off Forever

From Diet to Lifestyle: 15 Self-Improvement Podcasts That Will Help You Lose Weight And Actually Keep It Off Forever

Most people know what is and isn’t healthy to eat.

You don’t need another ‘diet guy’ on the internet to tell you the latest and greatest.

When it comes to emotional eating, stress eating, and all kinds of habitual overeating, you can’t just give someone a diet plan and say, “Here, good luck!” There’s a lot more going on under the hood that influences why we do what we do and why we eat what we eat.

​Embedded within this discussion, there’s also a key distinction between someone just ‘trying’ a new diet for a few months and someone who fully adopts a lifestyle as a way of being. That’s what I’m here to uncover and teach.

Your success with dieting goes way beyond the diet itself.

Obviously, the food you eat is important. It’s baseline. But isn’t is curious how, despite knowing what to eat, we often choose otherwise? Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like you have a choice. Believe me, I know what a night of binging is like. It’s utterly amazing…until two hours later when you feel sick and embarrassed.

You have to go deeper than baseline. Your success has far more to do with your mindset, your attitude towards learning, your willingness to sacrifice immediate results for long-term success, tapping into your motivation (and your resistance to motivation), the amount of time and effort you devote to preparation, and most importantly your habits — i.e, the way you carry yourself in the world, the automatic choices you make that require little to no effort.

In other words: mastering your diet and creating a healthy lifestyle that lasts forever is about constantly working on yourself. Going deeper and deeper to get to the core you. Which means, there is no end to the process. There’s no “on a diet” and “off a diet.” You’re ON life. So let’s treat it with respect.

The below 15 podcasts will help you improve your life.

The hosts are as generous as any souls alive — with their knowledge, their time and their insights — and the guests are as wise as they come. There’s a reason my clients have recommended each and every one of the following podcasts.

Find out why:

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What happens when you try to be perfect with your diet

What happens when you try to be perfect with your diet

One of my clients, Jenn, was working with me to overcome her life-long sugar addiction.

For weeks we practiced removing obvious triggers from her environment, externalizing her needs to her large family who didn’t quite “get” what she was doing with her new way of eating, and planning and preparing meals throughout the day to counter sugar cravings. By eating enough protein and fat, the objective was to satiate her physical hunger and make sure she “showed up” fulfilled to meet the inevitable cravings that lay ahead.

Jenn had a pronounced craving for sweets, particularly baked goods—an emotional attachment that doubly manifested as stress relief and reward-seeking for all her hard work as a full-time mom of five kiddos and part-time employee.

I don’t say that with judgment. Jenn worked her ass off. She’s the most selfless person I know, constantly giving herself over to the needs of her family. As much as she loved the taste of desserts and sweets, however, she was determined to overcome her dependency on them. This time, for good.

For the better part of the year, she’d been feeling out of control, which unsettled her. For starters, with five kids between the ages of 9 and 21, there was no shortage of candies and packaged sweets laying around the house. Even if she tried to rid the fridge and cupboard of them, her daughters were both Girl Scouts and moms from the neighborhood would constantly come over with freshly baked goods.

We were making incredible progress in her quest to overcome her sugar dependency, but the fact remained that no matter how hard we tried to rid her environment from trigger items, no matter how many course-corrective action steps we’d strategize, there was always unhealthy food lying around the house or being offered that challenged her resolve.

After a month or two, I could see her tension and fatigue. I intervened.

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16 Podcasts that Will Help You Transform Your Diet into a Lifestyle

16 Podcasts that Will Help You Transform Your Diet into a Lifestyle

Let’s go back in time.

For 2 ½ million years, humans as a species didn’t eat processed foods. We ate what grew from the ground or that we picked from a tree or that we killed or foraged. It was all natural. That’s how we subsisted, thrived, and evolved.

Contrast that with our modern relationship with food and the picture looks much bleaker. The stuff we eat is marketed to us for all the wrong reasons; we eat way too many carbs, refined grains, hydrogenated oils and preservatives.

The average American’s diet looks nothing like what our evolutionary ancestors ate. But even deeper than that, our relationship with food has gone totally demented.  To remedy this is my life’s work. It’s my mission. And it’s written in the name of my company, “EvolutionEat.”

The process of creating a new and healthy relationship with food implies evolving your mindset and habits. Remember, losing weight and maintaining excellence is a lifelong practice…a life-style. Emphasis on life.

Also implied in the name is an honoring of our evolutionary history…to look back to our evolution as a species to help you transform your diet into a lifestyle. A lifestyle is an expression of who you are, who you want to become and how you show up for yourself. Who you are defines what you do (what you eat) which produces the results you desire.  

The following 16 podcasts will help you connect more deeply with the food you’re putting in your body and why. The podcasts are by no means listed hierarchically, they’re all equally awesome depending on what you’re looking for. Start by choosing two or three that grab your heart and start there.

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10 Stoic Quotes to Help You Adjust to Your New Lifestyle

10 Stoic Quotes to Help You Adjust to Your New Lifestyle

Stoicism has been used most effectively by both slaves and Emperors. By athletes and business executives. By fighter pilots taken captive. By people from every walk of life you could think of for thousands of years.

In other words, as Ryan Holiday would say, it works.

Yes, it’s a philosophy. But it’s more like an operating system for human beings.

It teaches us how to deal with adversity, how to handle prosperity, and how to stay even-keeled through the inevitable ups and downs of everyday life. So it becomes even more important as a way of life when you’re changing your way of life—like when you’re changing your diet, for example.  

With that said, here are 10 Stoic quotes that will help you on your journey to lose weight sustainably and evolve your lifestyle into one you’re proud of:

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If you want to lose weight, focus on systems (not goals)

If you want to lose weight, focus on systems (not goals)

Let’s say you, like millions of people, want to lose weight.

And so, quite naturally, you decide on how much you want to lose and how much you want to weigh when you’re “done.”

This is how many of my clients start off.

What I I help my clients see, however, is that when it comes to losing weight – and achieving any goal, really – there’s a much better way to do things.

That said, I now want to talk about the difference between goals and systems.

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The most important (and only) decision you’ll ever have to make

The most important (and only) decision you’ll ever have to make

People ask me all the time, “What is it exactly that you do?” Explaining that I help people create breakthroughs in their life around their relationship with food gets them nodding their head, but it’s hard to understand what that really means, or what the process of “mastering you diet” actually entails.    

So instead of trying to explain it, I’m just going to let one of my clients, Matt, talk to you about the process of mastering your diet and the effect EvolutionEat has had on his life. Matt…take it away: 


Have I ever felt this good?

Not sure.

Seconds after sex, maybe. Not to be crude, that’s the feeling.

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