Disclaimer & Disclosure 

It’s critically important to note here that I am not a doctor, nor a medical professional, nor a registered dietitian or professional nutritionist or trained clinician of any kind, and I do not pretend to play one on the internet. I have no formal medical training. I am not here to solve or treat clinical problems, nor do I make any claims of being able to do so. I don’t “prescribe” anything regarding food choices or otherwise, my opinions and suggestions are merely that: ideas to consider.

I am using my website, EvolutionEat.com (including all programs, ebooks, and services) to offer my own opinions, experiences, and knowledge that I’ve learned working directly one-on-one with my clientsnone of whom pay me to formally treat them for anything. We work on lifestyle design: training the habit of making healthy choices, be they food-related or otherwise, day after day. Like practice.

My approach, expressed through EvolutionEat, teaches a counter-intuitive strategy to weight loss, dieting, and lifestyle transformation that’s all about mindset, habits and skill development. It’s self-development meets diet and lifestyle.

I sincerely hope that my ideas, programs, and coaching will be of value to you. I believe the information presented on this site will be helpful for most people, but everyone is different and it may not be suitable to your specific situation. Individuals with serious health conditions should seek outside medical or psychological support if considering working with me or purchasing my products.


If you’re struggling with a disorder beyond the scope of coaching, I’ve put together a list of resources and websites to help.

Please consult your health professional before basing any health decisions on the information presented on this site or suggested; before following any of my advice or recommendations; or before beginning any weight loss, diet, or coaching program.

My Mission

As a high performance coach, I work primarily with highly in-demand folks who have a tough time prioritizing themselves and their health over their jobs, businesses, careers, education, or kids. My clients come to me lacking the awareness integral to understanding all of the factors at play when it comes to their diet, and why they haven’t been able to get it right. I often use language like “heal your relationship with food” as I’ve found that most people have never considered that they even have a relationship with food.

Unfortunately, the general public has been led to believe (mistakenly) that “dieting” is the appropriate solution to achieve health and wellnesswhen actually, as far as I’m concerned, it’s directly at odds with it. My objective is to completely abolish that idea by helping my community and readers develop a lifestyle, mindset and strategic toolset of habits that support your long-term goals and sustainable success.  

Through my work, I know that there are thousands, if not millions of people in America, who in no way suffer from an eating disorder but who battle the complexities of food and their relationship with it on a weekly basispeople who feel overwhelmed by food and dieting and weight loss and what to do about it all. For the majority of my clients and community members who make up this general populationstress eating, overeating, yo-yo dieting and emotional eating are more often than not the symptoms of poor time management, lack of self-prioritization, and unsustainable practice; that is, most people treat their diet as a temporary goal versus a lifelong process.  

This critical misunderstanding promotes a perfectionist attitude which then promotes unhealthy patterns like yo-yo dieting and overeating.

To this end, my goal is to empower the many. I look to the mastery model of skill acquisition to guide my community toward their health and weight goals. It’s my belief that living healthily is a skill you can train and, eventually, mastera process that has far more to do with your mindset and habits than your chosen diet. But it takes practice. It requires adopting a system, committing to daily practice, and trusting in the process. Just as if you were to develop the skill of playing the piano. Robert Green, in his epic book, Mastery, popularized these concepts but I’ve never seen anyone apply them to diet and lifestyle; which is why I’m on a mission.  

I’ve developed my own approach, my own system, my own path toward mastery. My programs and coaching are based on accountability and transparencytraining the habit of making healthy choice after healthy choice, and carving out new routines around your diet that help redirect your energies when feeling challenged by food or life.

I speak to and on behalf of a general public frustrated with dieting and interested in self-development.

If you have an eating disorder, please pay attention: My blog, programs and services are in no way substitutions for medical treatment or therapy; they’re vehicles for education. I believe that I can help educate and empower anyone, no matter your condition, but it goes without saying: if you have a serious condition, such as an eating disorder, and are considering working with me and/or purchasing a program, you should seek outside medical support to get the proper attention you need.  

Thanks so much,

Daniel Thomas Hind

Founder of EvolutionEat

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