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Daniel here. Welcome! 

Over the past few years my team and I have helped hundreds of people just like YOU build healthy eating habits, lose weight effortlessly and create better, more productive lives.

It’s pretty simple: We teach them exactly what to do, by coaching them through the entire process. And here’s the kicker…we make the process FUN. That way, our clients get the results they’re looking for and, more importantly, make them last FOREVER.   

Our clients put in the work, concentrate on one habit at a time (just as we instruct) and build an entire new lifestyle that practically guarantees weight loss—at a pace that’s realistic and sustainable.

Now it’s your turn.

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  • The Evolution Diet (ebook): How to eat like our evolutionary ancestors and turn yourself into a fat burning machine.
  • A Counter-Intuitive Approach to “Dieting” (ebook): How to overcome late night overeating and bounce back from a bad night.
  • EvolutionEat: An Introduction (video): Free training on what makes EvolutionEat different than everything else you’ve ever tried.
  • 90 Pounds Less: A Case Study (video): An interview with EvolutionEat’s most successful student, Liz.   
  • EvolutionEat Private Facebook Community: Gain exclusive access to our thriving community and start your 7-Day Clean Eating Challenge!

  • Free EvolutionEat Newsletter: Top nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and stress tips to improve your life and lose weight effortlessly…delivered to you, multiple times every week.     

The EvolutionEat Starter Kit is absolutely free.

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